Goldie | Dog, Female

Hello, I'm Goldie!

  • Species: Dog

  • Breed: Basenji/Cattle dog mix

  • Age: 1 year

  • Gender: Female

  • Size: Medium

  • Color: Tan/White

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Goldie - or Munchkin as she's lovingly called - is a Basenji/Cattle dog mix.  We actually have no idea what breed she is, but it's the closest explanation for the curly tail! Ha!  She was found abandoned with her 3 siblings living under a house at 5 weeks old.  But she's a fighter through and through!

You see, her siblings all left for homes in PA but she had to stay behind.  Goldie has a condition called Congenital Lymphedema, predominantly in one of her hind legs. It's very rare, the Specialist who saw her said he's been practicing for 24 years and has only seen 2-3 cases.  She's also been diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia.  Initially, she was on several medications to help manage swelling and pain, but after switching to all natural methods including Tumeric and CBD oil, she is now off all medications and doing INCREDIBLY well-- pain free!

We'd love for her to find a home where she can find that love & compassion for the years that she's got.  She lives in a foster home today with other dogs and holds her own!  She sleeps in her crate through the night and is house trained.  If you think you're the person or family for Goldie, please let us know!  We can also discuss more regarding Congenital Lymphedema and AJL's commitment to help with medical bills.