Laila | Puppy, Female

Hello, I'm Laila!


  • Species: Dog
  • Breed:  Boxer mix
  • Age: 2.5 - 3 mo
  • Gender: Female
  • Size: Large when full grown
  • Color: black and white

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Laila gets her name from Laila Ali, Muhammad Ali's daughter, because she is a fighter!  Laila was turned into a vet clinic with deep wounds on her body... she had a deep puncture wound under her arm and the skin & tissue on one of the tops of her feet was down to the bone.  Laila was likely dragged behind something, perhaps a car.  Luckily, we fully expect her to make a full recovery.  She is currently receiving regular bandages changes for her wounds and healing nicely. 

She is doing excellent in her foster home with lots of other dogs (big and small!).  The foster keeps saying what a perfect, easy going pup she is!!  We can't wait to get these bandages off her and into her forever home!!