Daisy | Dog - Female

Hello, I'm Daisy!


  • Species: Dog

  • Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier mix

  • Age: 4 years

  • Gender: Female

  • Size: 35 lbs

  • Color: Blue gray

  • Heartworm Status: Negative

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Daisy is a sweet, sweet, sweet 4-year-old dog who who was found on the streets. She is very loving and likes to be around people, but does not seem anxious if left alone. She hasn't really figured out how to snuggle yet, but she loves to try; so far, this mostly involves a lot of wiggles and kisses.

Daisy is doing great with potty training and eager to go into her crate. She eats her meals in her crate and gets a Kong to work on for longer stays. She is calm once she is in her crate, even when it's time to come out. 10-hours stretches are no problem. She sleeps soundly through the night.

She enjoys long walks on her leash. She is starting to learn her name. She has no idea about sit/stay/down yet, but her foster is working on clicker training and is confident she will pick up the basics quickly. She likes other dogs and would enjoy having an active dog friend to play with. (Her foster sister is 12 years old and not very interested in playing!) She is learning to be around cats. She hasn't met any kids yet, but she's been very sweet and calm towards all people she's encountered so far.

Daisy is currently being treated for an ear infection and flea allergies that caused her to be really itchy and scratch patches of fur off her skin. She is now flea-free and healing nicely. She's so cute now, we can't wait to see how she looks when she has all her fur back!