T-Rex Blue (Rex) | Dog - Male

Hello, I'm T-Rex Blue (Rex)!


  • Species: Dog

  • Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier

  • Age: 9 months

  • Gender: Male

  • Size: 31 lbs

  • Color: Gray, blue, white

  • Heartworm Status: Neg

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T-Rex is a sweet, loving boy who used to be fearful of humans but has realized he LOVES them all!  They get no better than this handsome 9-month-old, blue and white pittie mix. His snuggle level is EXPERT, so if you’re looking for a couch buddy or a personal heating pad, he’s your pup! At our Petsmart events he’s also the front door greeter because he loves everyone and every dog who walks by...I bet if you got close enough he’d give you a big wet kiss! 

So what are some of his awesome qualities you ask?  Do you enjoy long walks with your best friend? Well so does Rex!! And if one of your current BFFs is a cat, well he’s got a cat BFF too! That’s right, he lives with a kitty now, and they get along very well. He’s gone from being afraid of walks to wanting to lead his humans on daily walks around the neighborhood. While Rex is still getting used to a crate and understanding that it’s not a scary place, he will go in with positive persuasion and treats. Learning tricks like sit and fetch are how he shows off how smart and athletic he is. He also knows which toys are his and loves playing with squeaky toys as well as playing tug of war with the other dogs or humans in the house. He is 100% housebroken and will even sleep through the night!  But most of all, he just loves to be petted and loved on. He follows the kids wherever they go, even up the ladder of the swing set to their secret fort, because he knows where the love and treats are. Did we mentioned Rex is treat motivated and super sweet?

If you’re interested in meeting Rex, please fill out an adoption application. Filling out the app doesn’t commit you to adopting, but we do require an app before setting up a meeting.  Thank you, and please share and tell your friends about Rex!