Peanut | Dog - Female

Hello, I'm Peanut!


  • Species: Dog

  • Breed: Chihuahua

  • Age: 6-9 months

  • Gender: Female

  • Size: 6 lbs

  • Color: Brown

  • Heartworm Status: Neg

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Peanut is a 6-pound chihuahua who is estimated to be 6-9 months old. She is still very much a playful gal who really loves playing with other dogs. She’s initially shy with people and other animals but warms up very quickly and LOVES to cuddle in laps and give kisses.

She thrives on having another dog around and would do best in a home that has another friendly dog for her to play with. She’s very food-motivated and knows her name. Because she was on the streets for so long her potty training isn’t 100% yet, but she’s getting there!