Batty | Kitten, Male

Hello, I'm Batty!

  • Species: Cat - DSH

  • Color: Black

  • DOB: 4/11/2018

  • Gender: Male

  • Size: Kitten

  • FIV/FELV: Negative

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Batty has a lot of energy, and loves to play. He’s grown up around dogs, and might think that he is one- he will respond to good boy and bad boy! But Batty prefers to be told he’s a good boy, so concentrating on positive reinforcement works really well with him. He likes to cuddle around your neck if you’re sitting on the couch. If he’s on a table or windowsill at chest height with you, tap your chest and he will gently place his paws on your shoulders and headbutt you with kisses. But be careful- he also likes to walk around on your shoulders and his balance is not quite there!