Helping with Hurricane Harvey

Helping with Hurricane Harvey

Saturday was an incredible day for us...such a sense of community with those both within and from outside the Houston area. 

We set up a warehouse space to receive donations for not only the AJL rescue efforts, but to support other rescues in the area as well. Once we put out the word, the support was amazing and it just keeps coming! 

For those who have sent supplies via the Amazon WishList, thank you very much!! 

We owe a very special thank you to a few special people and organizations who stepped up swiftly and without hesitation to support our efforts. 

Thank you to Cooper at ReCoop Designs for donating us your warehouse space. You've been extremely gracious these last few days, and we couldn't have made this happen without you. 

Thank you to Codys Friends Charity who brought us our first big donation, and drove in all the way from Tucson, AZ. We are still so overwhelmed at the selflessness! 

Thank you to Julie Jury and her road crew (and Sally🐾) with Hope for Paws Colorado for not only delivering a massive load of supplies, but for also so generously and tirelessly coordinating the transport of pre-storm animals to CO in order to make space in Houston to help those displaced by Harvey. 

We are humbled by what we've seen so far, and we know this is only the beginning. All of you out there who are helping with either supplies, funds, prayers, or just by keeping us in your thoughts, we THANK YOU! We see it, we feel it, and it's helping. πŸ˜Š