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For more information on volunteering or fostering with Animal Justice League, please see the ways to help page.


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Foster / Adoption Team: *
This team primarily assists with matching animals to fosters and supporting those fosters all the way until the animal is adopted. This consists of, but isn’t limited to, providing supplies, coordinating vet appointments, finding temporary fosters when primary foster is out of town, and answering general fostering questions.
Animal Adoption Events: *
There are typically two adoption events per month. The events team assists with set-up, break-down and answering general questions about Animal Justice League and the animals available for adoption. This team will also assist with transporting animals to and from events as well as ensuring the animals’ need are met at the events. They need food and water breaks and must be supervised at all times.
Cat TNR Team: *
The purpose of the trap, neuter and return team is to reduce the feral cat population. The team will humanely trap feral cats, transport to and from the vet, provide a place for the cat to recover, then release back into its original habitat. Help with transportation to and from surgeries is especially needed.
Fundraising & Events: *
This team helps coordinate and execute our fundraising events. This team will come up with new ideas for fundraising, build partnerships with businesses, promote matching donations, etc. We are also looking for people with experience in grant writing!
Marketing: *
The marketing team will assist with both electronic and traditional marketing, i.e. social media, website, brochures, flyers, branding, photography, etc.
Outreach: *
The main purpose of the outreach team is to share knowledge about the proper care of animals. Outreach could involve spay/neuter events, providing food, vaccines, or shelter to pets, or assisting homeowners with projects (like construction or manual labor) to help keep their pets safe.
Specialty: *
Do you have a particular expertise that you think would be beneficial? Some examples could include carpentry, legal, accounting, sewing, grant writing, animal training, photography, graphic design, etc.
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