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🐶 Kitties and Puppies and OKRA? Oh, my! 🐱


April saw our intake numbers increase as we continue doing what we do to help the homeless and abandoned cat and dog population in Houston. We also completed the outreach initiative, "Freedom Fence Project," started earlier in the month for several dogs in Acres Homes and "Bunny the Bait Dog" is ready for adoption! On the horizon for next month, we scheduled a "TNR Day" for May 5, which will help us reach our goal of TNRing more than 1,000 cats in five years! If you'd like to contribute to this worthwhile endeavor, please visit our fundraiser.

As always, we'll update you on Animal Justice League activities, highlight our adoptable pets and let you know about upcoming fundraisers, adoption events or outreach opportunities. We hope you enjoy this edition of The Rescue Report!

OKRA Presents 'Big Check' to AJL

Animal Justice League board and fundraising team members receive a donation of $10,160.22 from OKRA Charity Saloon for winning February's charity of the month. These funds will go a long way to achieving our mission to rescue even more cats and dogs from Houston's streets and shelters. Thank you to everyone who came out to support us -- we appreciate you! 

Monthly Feature

Fosters Christy Smith and Susan Soto pictured with Harley and Geoffrey, respectively, prior to their transport to Minnesota.

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

From time-to-time, you may read about Animal Justice League transporting animals in our program to out-of-state rescues and no-kill shelters. The reality of Houston’s overpopulation of cats and dogs makes transporting a real and (necessary) viable resource for many of our pets.

To offer a little background … We work with local rescues who have partners in other parts of the country, as well as with rescue partners with which AJL already has established relationships. Our primary transports are to the Pacific Northwest and the Northeast; however, we are also working with rescues in the Midwest, too. The out-of-state rescues are fully vetted by AJL and follow the same adoption protocols as our organization. The majority of the rescues are foster-based and a small percentage of pets may transport to no-kill shelters, although transporting to a shelter is a rarity. Additionally, Washington accepts pit bulls, which is great news for this breed because, as you probably know, Houston has a never-ending supply.

"Initially, I was reluctant about transporting my foster, Geoffrey, because it seemed like sending him into a black hole. I agreed because he wasn’t getting sufficient interest in Houston. Adopting him wasn’t an option for me, so it was time to give him his best chance at a forever home. On transport day, I was thrilled to see the big air-conditioned bus with clean crates. I was able to place Geoffrey’s favorite blanket and some treats in his crate, along with a few pics and a note about his personality for his new family.

"Geoffrey was adopted less than two weeks after his arrival in Minnesota with Ruff Start Rescue. His forever mom contacted me and sent photos of Geoffrey already making himself at home with his new brother. With this news, I was certain that transporting Geoffrey was the right thing to do. I miss his goofy face, but I know he is loved, happy and well cared for. It all turned out better than I could have hoped."

- Susan Soto, AJL Foster

One of the many reasons transport is a good option for organizations like ours is that northern states don’t have the same “breeding season” as Texas due to the difference in climate, therefore they don’t have the sheer quantity of animals we are faced with every day. We are so lucky these rescues are willing to accept pets from us! It really does offer an opportunity for adoption if pets have been passed over in Houston. Typically, we propose pets who have been in our program for a while and have received no interest or few applications despite the best efforts of their fosters, professional photos, etc. And, while these are not hard facts, we can say most of the pets we transport are adopted in less than a month. How fantastic is that?

Transporting also allows us to save so many more cats and dogs. Fosters are our lifeline – but we can only intake as many cats and dogs as we have foster homes. Transport gives a chance to pets who we may not be able to place in a foster home – or who only need a short-term foster before traveling. If our fosters are full, we can’t intake – but we CAN transport. It’s just another option that allows us to rescue more pets, which is our ultimate goal.


Adoptable Highlights

Introducing ... Ricky and Martin! These siblings are ready to make their way into your heart and home!

Martin thinks he's the more handsome and photogenic of the two brothers - he even has glamour shots to prove it. He wants you to think that he's a tough guy, but really he's a little softie! Ricky is a sweet little creamsicle who is fascinated by running water in the sink and loves to purr when held. He also loves his brother Martin, and they are both ready to shake their bon bon's into your home!
These boys are approximately 5 months old and are appropriately vetted for their age. Born to a feral mom, Ricky and Martin have tested positive for FIV and are scheduled for a re-test soon because there is still a chance that the results are a false positive due to their mom’s status. Regardless, kitties who test positive for FIV live happy and healthy lives!

Meet Danielle (or Dani, for short)! She’s a 6-year-old Shepherd mix, weighing in at about 45 pounds, who likes to show off her sit and shake. She’s a very loving girl who loves to greet everyone with a full-body wag and give lots of kisses to my foster momma and kids.
When Dani needs a little alone-time, she’ll make her way to her crate on her own and when she’s asked. She also really loves her bones! She’s house-trained and will let you know when she needs to go outside and, while she’s there, she likes to bask in the sunshine and fresh air! Dani is doing well with leash training and, according to her foster dad, likes to smell ALL the things when they go on walks. She’s great with kids and dogs of all sizes and is a bit curious about her feline foster siblings.
Dani is fully vaccinated and spayed. She came to us positive for heartworms; however, recently started treatment and will be good as new in no time! Are you ready to make Dani part of your family?


Calendar of Events

Featured Event

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure! Help Animal Justice League raise much-needed funds by shopping and sharing our garage sale! Shop our sale Saturday, April 27, at 1506 Ebony Lane from 7 a.m. to noon. 

April 2019

April 27: AJL Garage Sale Fundraiser
April 27: Shops at Cedar Creek - Adoption Event


May 2019

May 4: Camp Bow Wow Grand Opening - Adoption Event
May 9: AJL Monthly Social
May 11: Kroger Adopt-A-Pet
May 17-19: PetSmart National Adoption Weekend
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