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February has been a big month for Animal Justice League! We were selected as one of OKRA Charity Saloon's three charities for the month, and we accepted our first major medical case of the year. Learn more by reading this month's edition of The Rescue Report.
As always, we'll update you on Animal Justice League activities, highlight our adoptable pets and let you know about upcoming fundraisers, adoption events or outreach opportunities.


After four long years, Animal Justice League finally was chosen as one of OKRA Charity Saloon's designated charities! What does this mean? 

  • We are one of three selected charities for the month of February.
  • For every food or drink (non-alcoholic included) purchase, patrons receive one ticket, which is equal to one vote.
  • The charity with the most votes at the end of the month wins! 
You may be asking, what's the prize and why is this such a big deal? What can I do to help?
  • If AJL collects the most votes, we receive all proceeds from OKRA's March sales.
  • Past winnings are as much as $20,000 (with the average being $10,000 to $15,000)
  • So ... Grab your friends, grab your family and grab your friends' family, and join us at OKRA!
  • The contest runs through February 28.
Visit OKRA at 924 Congress Avenue, Houston, Texas 77002, daily from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Introducing ... Bunny!

A little over a month ago, a lady in Houston sent out a plea for help via Facebook for a severely mangled pit bull who showed up on her porch. She had no idea what to do. That plea came to the attention of several dog rescue volunteers - one of whom stepped up to assess the situation and rescue the dog. That volunteer is Nick Pena (one of AJL’s own). When he arrived at the house, all he could see was a pile of blankets on the front porch and he worried the dog wandered off. As he got closer, he could see the blankets moving and realized the pup was so emaciated that she was barely visible.

As Nick raised the blankets, he comprehended the situation was much worse than anyone anticipated. Several gaping wounds were apparent on the side of the dog’s face – holes really – and, she was skin and bones with some obvious back leg issues.

Despite everything, this dog still was eager to love and be loved. As the blankets were lifted, her big brown eyes look up and her tail wagged. Nick lifted the pup into his car, got her home and fed, and proceeded to make the first of many veterinary appointments.

Before going any further, this pup needed a name. Due to a broken hip, she could only hop around the house and yard ... Thus, the name Bunny seemed to choose itself!

Over the next few weeks and after many consultations with vets, Nick had a better idea of what might have happened to Bunny. Bunny is believed to have been a pet at some point – she’s friendly and comfortable in a house and yard. The thought is she was stolen by someone and used to breed, and when they were finished with her, she was used as a bait dog and then thrown out like trash. The wounds on her face were so deep you could stick your fingers completely through to her mouth.

Bunny was so underweight when she was found that she could barely stand. Over the past few weeks she’s put on a significant amount of weight that has helped her body to heal. Due to the severity and number of injuries, Bunny has an extensive list of medical needs:

  • Facial surgery to close wounds
  • Remove inner ear
  • Surgery to repair broken hip
  • Remove broken tooth
  • Plus, all the normal necessary for her to be adopted into a forever home:
    • Spay surgery 
    • Heartworm treatment
    • Vaccinations
Bunny has a long road ahead. She recently underwent surgery to remove the dead skin on her face and stitch up the holes. Thanks to the kind donation of a friend, Bunny is utilizing the hyperbaric oxygen chambers at All Creatures Hyperbaric Care. Her skin already is healing so well, and these treatments will promote the healing 10x faster! The next procedure for Bunny will be to amputate her ear and repair her broken hip.

Through all she’s endured, Bunny’s personality proves to be a shining example of a pit bull: loving, snuggly and forgiving. She shows no signs of aggression and, even though her body bears the marks of a life lived without care, Bunny has so much to give. She is the sweetest pup and truly beating the odds and stereotypes associated with pit bulls. She is so lucky – because most bait dogs don’t make it out alive. We hope Bunny’s story will draw attention to the horrors of dog fighting and put a face to the victims of this tragic crime. 

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Donate to Bunny's care via our Facebook fundraiser (no fees).

'Tis the Season for Kittens

It's about that time ... And we want to be ready! "Kitten Season" is upon us and we need your help. Fosters are our biggest need during this time of the year and we're only able to help as many kittens as we have willing fosters. If you already foster with us and can help or you'd like to start, please let us know here.  


Big Fix Turns Out Big Numbers

Big Fix Houston is a large-scale, annual spay and neuter event presented by Unity for a Solution in conjunction with the City of Houston and local animal welfare organizations. The goal is to educate pet owners and to spay, neuter, vaccinate and microchip animals in focused areas of Houston that historically have had high concentrations of stray dogs and cats. Successful campaigns for the last three years boast the following number of animals vetted:

  • 2017: 670
  • 2018: 320
  • 2019: estimated to be 1,300

Adoptable Highlights

Meet Sally! Sally is a pretty girl who was living on the streets until a guardian angel contacted AJL. She is a blue and white, domestic short-hair cat who is just about a year old. She's living in a foster home and no longer worries about survival. Sally is friendly with her humans, although she's not a fan of other cats so it's best if she's an only pet. She is ready to begin a new life in a forever home of her own where she can be loved and cared for as she deserves. 

Say hello to Jax -- the happiest dog with the best smile! He is a 1 1/2-year-old, 55 lb, Lab mix pup who is heartworm negative and dog-friendly. He is full of energy, loves giving hugs and has the cutest hop ever! Jax is looking for an active home and would be a great river/lake dog!

Jax was found as a stray with another buddy and is doing great in his foster home. He's fast-friends with his foster brother but needs a home with no felines.


Calendar of Events

Featured Event

Join us for our the 2019 Spring Artisan Market happening Saturday, March 30 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at St. Stephen's United Methodist Church located at 2003 W. 43rd Street, Houston, TX 77018. Enjoy a market featuring local artisans with handmade/homemade items and artists with original works. Come shop in time for Easter, Mother's Day and everything in between!

February 2019

February 1-28: Vote for AJL at OKRA
February 23-24: PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekend

March 2019

March 3: Adopt-A-Rover Adoption Event
March 9: Shipley's Do-Nuts Supports AJL
March 14: AJL Monthly Social
March 30: 2019 Spring Artisan Market (Oak Forest)
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