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🐶 🐱 Celebrate AJL's 2019 Happy Tails 🐱 🐶

Dear, <<First Name>>:

We appreciate you every single day of the year! It's because of you and our other Animal Justice League heroes that we are able to help so many pets throughout the year who make their way into our program. Animals like:
  • Chickpea the pup who had a severely broken jaw
  • Eros the kitty who required two blood transfusions
  • Scout the pup who was the victim of a hit-and-run
  • And so many more ... ! 
We'd love to end 2019 on a high note and go into 2020 on solid footing so we're in a position to immediately start helping pets in need. Will you help by making a final donation this year of at least $50?

Here's how you can help!

  • Donate to our Facebook fundraiser! Donations made through Facebook incur no fees so we receive 100% of the funds.
  • Create your own Facebook fundraiser and share it with your friends! Creating a fundraiser is easy and we welcome fundraisers with any goal amount. Get started with your fundraiser here:
  • Matching gifts: Does your employer match the charitable donations of its employees? There's still time to double the impact of your gift! Check with your human resources department today!
And ... Instead of dwelling on the tragic cases you already know, we thought you might like to hear about the happier side of rescue. Here are a few reasons that make everything we do worthwhile.

Happy Tails - 2019

Addie (formerly known as Amy), a Labrador retriever mix, was just a puppy when she was found in a culvert. She was gravely ill with heartworms, mange and other complications from life on the streets. Now she is healthy, happy and living her best life with a loving family. “We love cuddling with her and taking her on our walks,” Addie’s forever family reports. “She has definitely completed our family!”
Sprinkles (formerly known as Diane), a gray tabby, was found on the street by a caring pest control worker. A wonderful couple adopted her as a surprise for their two daughters. “She has fit right into our family and has been amazing with our girls and with their friends,” reports Sprinkles’ adopters. “She is always loving and spunky and looking for attention. She loves to snuggle and be wherever we are. She has really grown and come into her own. We are thrilled to have her in our home and look forward to many more years with her.”
Max, a Jack Russell terrier who was hit by a car, was pulled from a local shelter. He required major surgery on both hind legs and a plate to repair his shattered pelvis. With loving foster care and the right medical treatment, Max fully recovered. His adoptive family describes him as a “ball of sunshine that brings our family together! We all just think he is perfect, and we all love him so much! He’s always happy, and the snuggliest dog that we have ever met!” Max even has his own Instagram account.
Hank is an Australian cattle dog who was tied near a culvert and abandoned. AJL pulled this handsome pup from a local shelter. He was adopted by a woman who works at a local dog training facility; with patience and hard work, she rebuilt Hank’s trust and confidence. “It has been amazing to see his transformation since he came for training. This is not a happy ending but a bright beginning to many wonderful stories and adventures Hank and I have yet to experience in the years to come!"
Cleo, a Yorkshire terrier puppy, was found on a busy street by an AJL volunteer. Now this tiny girl is living her best life as a “furry little answer” to her adopters’ prayers. “When she first arrived, our seven year old asked if she was a doodle; his grandparents have two. We told him ‘kind of - just scrappy-er,’ and from there forward she has been ‘Cleo the scrapadoodle,’ and we love her to pieces.”
Max (formerly known as Deuce), a Labrador retriever, was surrender by his owners, who could no longer care for him. Max’s adopter reports he is thriving in his new home, running and playing fetch in his big backyard. “We’re starting basic obedience class in January to learn better leash walking and a few other commands. He has run of the house now, and was only in his crate for the first week after he adopted me. He loves to snuggle on the sofa and my bed when he’s not on his own bed.”
Otto (formerly known as Prince Marshmallow) is a a gorgeous Persian cat surrendered by his owner. Otto was adopted by a family who was left heartbroken by the deaths of their two beloved cats. His adoptive family says that bringing Otto into their home changed everything: “His loving and playful spirit marked the return of laughter, joy, and excitement to our home. He is a sweet, funny, and energetic cuddle-bug. He loves being with us at all times, and the feeling is mutual. Thank you, Animal Justice League, for caring for this beautiful soul who is now an extremely loved member of our family!”

Thank you for your continued support!

Animal Justice League

P.S. We're down to the wire ... There are only a few days left in 2019! Make your end-of-year donation to Animal Justice League today!

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