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Hi, my name is Widget!

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Date of Birth 2015-10-07
Gender Female
Breed DSH
Color Calico Dilute White
FIV/FeLV All Negative
Adoption Fee $80+tax

Hi, my name is Widget. I am 4 years old, but I’m so tiny that people often say I look like a 6 month old kitten. So if you are looking for a mature, grown-up cat who is tiny and cute like a kitten, I’m your girl. I am a sweet, laid back kitty who just goes with the flow. Nothing bothers me much. I am always content and very well behaved. Rubbing my head on people and asking for lots of pets is my favorite pastime. I’m adaptable to almost any type of family – either with other pets or without. If only I had a forever family to love me, I would be the happiest cat ever. I once had a family, but my owners left me at the city shelter because they couldn’t deal with my sensitive tummy and they didn’t want me anymore. That made me very sad. Certain foods like grain just didn’t agree with me, and my diet was causing me all sorts of problems. But luckily, AJL rescued me just in time, and found me a foster mom. And once my foster mom took me to the vet, they discovered that I just needed a special type of grain-free cat food, and I would be perfectly fine. Now I am all better and am hoping to find my person - someone who will love me, no matter what. Could that person be you?