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[Adoption Pending] 
Hi, my name is Batty!

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Date of Birth 2018-04-11
Gender Male
Breed DSH
Color Black
FIV/FeLV All Negative
Adoption Fee $75

Batty has a lot of energy, and loves to play. He’s grown up around dogs, and might think that he is one- he will respond to good boy and bad boy! But Batty prefers to be told he’s a good boy, so concentrating on positive reinforcement works really well with him. He likes to cuddle around your neck if you’re sitting on the couch. If he’s on a table or windowsill at chest height with you, tap your chest and he will gently place his paws on your shoulders and headbutt you with kisses. But be careful- he also likes to walk around on your shoulders and his balance is not quite there!

Adoption Pending

There is currently an adoption application pending for this pet. You are more than welcome to submit an application in case it falls through, but be aware that there is already someone else ahead of you.