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Hi, my name is Cornell!

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Date of Birth 2019-10-04
Gender Male
Breed DSH
Color Orange Tabby White
FIV/FeLV All Negative
Adoption Fee $80+tax

Cornell would have been voted best somersault in his kindergarten graduation. He loves to hunt, hiding in watch for a fluffy mouse or crinkle ball, and also -enjoys catch and kill with bunny kicking devotion. He's got a ton of adorable kitten energy, and since he's still mastering some of his gross motor skills, he often falls off perches or runs into walls when exiting his play tunnels. He remains unfazed by these setbacks and will happily conquer all kinds of toys. He eats and grooms himself well, and has even relaxed into a bath and blow dry after the initial worry about what was going on. When he's tired, he mews a little as he's starting to fall asleep, worried about all the fun he's going to miss. He then loves to snuggle into his blanket on his safe perch. He purrs at the touch of a hand and a voice, and would be a delightful family member for folks who want a playful, adorable, bundle of kitty love.