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Hi, my name is Kat!

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Date of Birth 2018-06-07
Gender Female
Breed DSH
Color Calico
FIV/FeLV All Negative
Adoption Fee $95

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Dumped by her owners Kat the cat wandered into my machine shop mid 2020. Unable to perform the duties of a machinist, Kat was kept on as a security cat, keeping mice, lizards, grasshoppers and other small critters out of the shop. Although she enjoyed her work at the shop, she's always longed for a family of her own, and so Kat the cat has joined AJL in search of her forever home. Since joining AJL, Kat has moved in with her foster family of two humans and two pugs. Kat was extremely cautious of pugs at first and still kind of is, but as long as the pugs don't mess with her, she'll let them live. When it comes to pets, Kat the cat acts coy and aloof, but she really loves gentle pets and head scratches. In general, she's shy at first, but warms up very quickly after the first couple pets. Her playfulness comes and goes. She's usually seen playing by herself with a piece of plastic blowing in the wind or small pieces of wood she can kick/ paw around. We don't really have cat toys for her at our house, so we're not sure how she'll like them.

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