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Hi, my name is Giselle!

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Date of Birth 2013-09-11
Gender Female
Breed DSH
Color Black White
FIV/FeLV All Negative
Adoption Fee $80+tax

Giselle’s story is a complicated one … However, we think once you hear it you’ll agree she’s worth all the TLC and patience a new family can offer. She was surrendered to us by owners who, instead of rehoming her, kept her stashed away in a room by herself for the entirety of her six years because they were allergic. The result is an adult cat who didn’t know how to interact with humans or other animals. Fast forward about seven months and we are so proud of Giselle’s progress – thanks in no small part to her dedicated foster. Giselle’s favorite thing is sitting next to her foster mom on the couch in the evenings and cuddle near, receiving occasional pets. She also REALLY loves mealtime! She came to us with severe dental disease and only has five teeth – so wet food is a must. No complaints from Giselle about that! As far as other pets are concerned, Giselle is a bit wary; however, is fine if left alone. Easily over-stimulated, she does react with her claws. However, since being in her foster home Giselle has learned to not play with claws and this behavior lessens every day. At this point, Giselle needs an experienced cat owner who is willing to continue her rehabilitation and treat her with the kindness, patience and space she needs to heal and trust. She is beautiful and loving, but on her own terms right now. Are you the very special home Giselle needs?