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Hi, my name is Squeegee!

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Date of Birth 2018-08-07
Gender Male
Breed DSH
Color White Black
FIV/FeLV All Negative

Squeegee is the most awesome of kitties. He loves to play, loves to cuddle and loves attention. And look how handsome he is. Others in the rescue group adore him. He has been staying inside the cat adoption space at petsmart and loves all the excitement - watching people and dogs walk by and playing with the other kitties there. He does not seem afraid of dogs so we think he'd enjoy a kitty-friendly dog in his new forever home if not or in addition to another kitty friend. Of course human companions are the best. Squeegee enjoys all kinds of toys, but maybe his favorite would be the feather toy. He will jump very high to catch it and loves to chase and jump after it. He enjoys wrestling with other kitties so would like a home with a cat that would appreciate some good ole' wrestling and game of chase. We think he'd also love a window or two in his forever home with a view of birds, people and activity. Squeegee was trapped at a carwash hence his name! He's an adorable, friendly, affectionate kitten. He's ready and waiting for his forever home as an indoor kitty, safe from the scary outdoors with humans who will love and care for him and hopefully another fur-kid to play with.