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Hi, my name is Regal!

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Date of Birth 2015-12-14
Gender Female
Breed Mix Plott Hound
Weight 46#
Heartworm Negative
Adoption Fee $205+tax

From her foster: My love letter to Regal: Regal beagle, you are the most gentle, sweet and amazingly patient dog I have ever met. You’re so quiet sometimes I forget you’re here. I don’t know what your life was like before, but I think maybe you lived in a pretty small box the past 4 years. I think that because you’re not sure you can get on the couch yet, despite the dog pile happening 24/7 here. You’re not sure you are allowed on the window seat even tho I’m constantly patting the cushion next to me to invite you up. You wait at the back of the treat line and never try to get out the door first like the rest of my heathens. You never ask for my attention and act pleasantly surprised when you get spur of the moment scritches. But that doesn’t mean you’re aloof. No ma’am, furthest thing from it and you have the wiggle butt to prove it. You just don’t seem to know what an amazing dog you are. So here’s my pledge to you, I’m going to find you a home that tells you every day what a very good girl you are. ❤️ Okay, now that sappy hour is over, tell your friends. The most amazing girl in the world is right here in Houston. About the only thing that’s not a good fit is cats. Other than that she’s house trained, crate trained, fantastic with dogs (even little yappers that would test Gandhi’s patience) and grew up with kids. Low shedding/grooming and a perfect medium size.