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Hi, my name is Ned!

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Date of Birth 2017-11-08
Gender Male
Breed Poodle Mix Labradoodle
Weight 17#
Heartworm Negative
Adoption Fee $300

I’m Ned and I am an approximately 1-1.5 year-old black Wookiee. Just kidding! I am a poodle/schnauzer mix of sorts. I was hit by a car in AJL’s neighborhood and my foster came to my rescue. She tried to find my owners, but no one came forward to claim me. I’ve been resting at her house while my broken vertebrae and broken tail heal...all part of being clipped by that car. Hopefully I heal well and won’t need any surgery. My foster mom describes me and sweet and gentle. I love the little kittens she is taking care of right now! I am also kid and dog-friendly too. I just got a new haircut and am naked! Don’t worry, it will grow back. I was super-matted and it had to be done!