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Hi, my name is Salsa!

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Date of Birth 2017-08-22
Gender Female
Breed American Foxhound Mix
Weight 40lbs
Heartworm Negative
Adoption Fee $205+tax

Salsa here! I love being around people...and even like cats! I enjoy belly scratches from my foster mom and playing with my toys. My trainer says I have an exuberant personality! I get a little excited when I meet new dogs, but it’s just because I am so friendly! I am working on my introduction manners, but do get along with other dogs. My short life has been pretty interesting thus far. A nice homeless man named Bill saw me get dumped after being hit by a car. He took care of me the best he could, along with the help of some nice strangers that drove by us every day. One of the lingering effects from being hit is some nerve damage to the left side of my face. However, my foster consulted with two different doggy dentist specialists and no surgery is needed! I also have a “permawink.” You see, I only have one eye from that car accident. I promise I’m not as high maintenance of a dog as I sound! I can’t wait to find my new family. Forever yours, Salsa