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Hi, my name is Sidney!

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Date of Birth 2016-01-01
Gender Male
Breed Black Mouth Cur Mix German Shepherd
Weight 39
Heartworm Positive
Adoption Fee $205+tax

Hi, I'm Sidney. My foster dad calls me Sid, Skids, the Love Shark, Skittles, Buddy, Squid, and Sidney O'Donnel, a famous Irish veterinarian who cared for dogs and horses in the Royal Army. At 39 pounds I'm a compact loving machine. I'm kinda small for my breed. They think I'm a 3 to 4 year old Shepherd-Cur mix. (I think I'm Irish and belonged to leprechauns.) I love people, kids, and dogs, but cats and squirrels are only good for one thing... chasing! I'm housebroken, walk good on a leash, and know some commands. AJL found me thumbing a ride with my bling (collar) but no cha-ching (tags or chip.) My rescuers spent several days trying to find my peeps but no luck. While I'm waiting for my furever home, I work on my tan in the backyard, keep the area clear of squirrels and cats, snooze in my bed indoors, and look forward to my breakfast, dinner, and walks. I'm very quiet in the car and typically just lie down in the backseat. I have short, red-brown hair that doesn't shed much, but I will leave some of my tiny furs on you for good luck and to remind you to hurry back home! My favorite thing to do is wag my tail super fast and lean into you so you'll pet me over and over and over. I will roughhouse with you some, too. The best way to get me to stop wanting to be petted is to put me in your lap! Then I go to sleep. I hope I get to meet you soon!