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Hi, my name is Barney!

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Date of Birth 2015-01-17
Gender Male
Breed American Foxhound American Staffordshire Terrier Mix
Weight 52
Heartworm Positive
Adoption Fee $205+tax

While working with a group that helps network dogs on BARC's euthanasia list, Barney's Foster came across him as he was set to be euthanized with 13 other dogs the following day. The volunteers worked through the night to get the dogs networked with a rescue or at least into a foster home while they worked on a plan. They had a lot of success that night and nearly every dog was safe, except Barney. It was obvious Barney had a rough start to life, and his Foster wanted him to experience something better. Without hesitation or a plan, his Foster reached out to BARC and told them to hold Barney for her. The following day Barney was neutered and was free to go home with her (YAY!). After coaxing him with chicken nuggets, he jumped right in her car and they were on their way home! Barney was so gentle with little Olive and hit it off immediately with Joey, his foster siblings. Some of his favorite things are sleeping on the couch, getting petted, hanging out with Joey and eating (must soften food - he's nearly toothless). He's not a huge fan of riding in the car because he gets car sick, but is extremely well-behaved in public places. He loves going to the vet and is SO sweet to strangers at the park. One of the most amazing things about Barney is how sweet and trusting he is despite all he's been through. Looking at Barney, you can tell he's spent his whole life mistreated but he didn't let that affect his interactions with people. He loves them all!