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Hi, my name is Sam!

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Date of Birth 2018-08-25
Gender Male
Breed Pointer Labrador Retriever Mix
Weight 58
Heartworm Positive
Adoption Fee $205+tax

Say hello to Sam! Aka Super Sam, Sammy Sam, Uncle Sam, or McNibbles 🐶 This boy is a budding dog model, and ready for his own IG account. #selfieswithsam We don’t know how or why, but Sam ended up as a stray living in an undeveloped, forested area bordering a neighborhood. This handsome gentleman worked his way into the hearts of many people he met, who would bring food and their dogs for him to play with. He is a very loyal boy, who stayed in the same area every day.. possibly waiting for the person who dumped him. Sam is a 60-lb active, high energy doggo, who loves to be outside, and thrives in the company of others! Owing to his loyal nature, he wants to be wherever you are, and LOVES snuggling on the couch. He also loves car rides, cheese, belly rubs, and peanut butter-filled Kongs. He is estimated to be 1.5 yrs old, neutered, house-trained, knows simple commands, and is heartworm+. He still has a young, strong prey drive - So kitties are no-go right now. He needs to properly meet other dogs on leash first, but is looking forward to working on socialization skills!

There is currently an adoption application pending for this pet. You are more than welcome to submit an application in case it falls through, but be aware that there is already someone else ahead of you.