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Hi, my name is Minnie!

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Date of Birth 2018-01-01
Gender Female
Breed German Shepherd Mix
Weight 40 pounds
Heartworm Positive
Adoption Fee $200

I’m Minnie. I’m mostly German Shepherd, and I’m a year old. I’m small for a Shepherd at about 40 pounds. I love to play play play! I also like to wrestle some, too. Fetching tennis balls is my favorite game, and my foster dad has taught me how to catch some like an outfielder, but of course I use my mouth. My life goal is to be a ball girl for the US Open or Wimbledon. After playing, I just really want to be around my human companions, even if its only right inside the back door. I feel safe and am quiet in my crate and have never made a mess there. If you tell me to take care of my business outside, I will. In terms of making friends, I love people, and do just fine with big mellow dogs who aren’t put out by my enthusiasm and wanting to be the hit of the party. But I’m not a cat lover yet, and I’m sure not a squirrel lover. I enjoy my walks, and I don’t pull the leash too bad, and if you stop and call my name, I’ll come right back to you. I haven’t had any time around kids yet, but I think I’d do ok with boys or girls who are old enough to enjoy running and roughhousing. A family sure would be swell. Well, that’s all for now. I sure hope I have a chance to make friends with you soon.