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Hi, my name is Aiko!

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Date of Birth 2021-02-24
Gender Female
Breed Border Collie Mixed Breed
Weight 40 lbs
Heartworm Negative
Adoption Fee $220

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Meet sweet, snuggly, playful Aiko! Aiko is a leggy lady that is ready to learn all about life!! She loves chasing her squeaky ball around the back yard, playing with her little fur friend, and getting treats. At about one year old, Aiko is a 40 lb. puppy with many life experiences to look forward to. Everything seems new and intimidating at first, but she learns fast. She has a moderate energy level and enjoys a long walk in the morning, some play time with her fur buddy, lots of napping, tossing the ball around the back yard, and several training sessions. She is more than happy to hang out on her bed when her people need to work from the home or go in to work. As a puppy, she is still learning the house rules. She knows to go to the back door for potty time but can’t always make all day when her fosters are at work. Her best friend is a tough little guy. He has been teaching her how to play and chasing her around the back yard. Aiko can be rough with her buddy but knows when to scale it back. They share toys, play tug, wrestle, run the backyard, and share beds and blankets. She has not met a cat yet. Aiko is learning basic commands. She knows her name, “sit”, and “stay” (pretty well). She walks very well on a leash. Her morning walk is my favorite part of the day. There are a lot of new experiences on her walk in our pretty quiet neighborhood. Cars and big trucks used to be scary but she has mostly learned it ignore them. Squirrels and birds are the most amazing things to her and can be quite distracting. Other walkers and joggers are interesting but not more than her treats! She does learn quickly and is very food motivated. Repetition is great for her learning. She knows where to sit at each point in our walk before being instructed. She’s a smart lady!! She enjoys her meals in her crate which is making the space more inviting. At nap time and bed time, Aiko settles in pretty easy and sleeps through the night. Aiko is very affectionate, playful and chill. She is cautiously curious about the world and coming out of her shell with every positive experience. She has many more fun experiences coming her way!

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