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Hi, my name is Dani !

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Date of Birth 2013-01-05
Gender Female
Breed German Shepherd Mix
Weight 44 lbs
Heartworm Positive
Adoption Fee $200

My finder and foster named me Danielle or Dani and I think I like the name. I am starting to answer to it. They think I’m a Shepherd mix and may be 6 years old. I have shown my foster family that I know how to sit and shake and how much I love to just lay around. They keep saying I am a chill dog but I don’t think I am that cold. In fact, I am very warm and loving! I love to greet everyone with my whole body shaking and give lots of kisses to my foster kids and foster mama. I will enter my crate and lay down when asked to do so, as well as just through out the day if I want to be alone. I love the bones my foster family gives me and when my foster brother growls at me for my bone I will give it to him and go find another one, even though he is about a third my size. I had heart worms but I’ve already gone through treatment so i should get a negative on my test in about 6 months! My foster family thinks I learned to stay downstairs only from my life before but for whatever reason I never go upstairs when inside the house. I enjoy being outside with my other foster brothers and sister just laying on the porch in the fresh air. I always let my foster family know when I need to go outside and haven’t had any accidents in their house since I came to live with them. I have learned to walk on a leash and my foster dad says I like to smell EVERY smell on a walk. I have discovered the family cats and though I haven’t decided fully what they are, I sniff them when they are on the stairs; not sure if we’ll ever be friends since they like to smack me on my nose when I am sniffing them.