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Hi, my name is Sage!

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Date of Birth 2022-11-12
Gender Female
Breed American Pit Bull Terrier Mixed Breed
Weight 55 lbs
Heartworm Negative
Adoption Fee $220

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Sage is a 1-year-old, active, friendly, and very loveable 48-lb. Pitbull pup. She loves to play, and has been friendly with all people and animals she has met.  When introduced to dogs much smaller than her (~20 lbs), she approaches them playfully, and also lays down to minimize any intimidation and encourage play.  Sage absolutely loves the outdoors, running in open fields, and most of all, rolling on her back in the grass!  Sage will be a great fit for an active owner/family who can offer daily activity (walk, run, yard, etc.). She walks comfortably on a leash, and has also been “off leash” in the yard and in fields, and will come when called (usually a hand-clap helps get her attention). Sage has quite a thin coat of fur, so she would enjoy a sweater during lengthy outdoor time if the weather is very cold. She loves chasing down a tennis ball, and will bring it back to you until she tires out. As much as she enjoys the great outdoors, please make no mistake, Sage is an indoor dog. She is looking for a home where she can be fully present with her family. Sage is incredibly smart and has learned to “sit” and “lay” with ease.  She would benefit from an owner/family who will invest time into training her and teaching her.  When left at home, Sage has been left in a room by herself, and also in a kennel, and has done well with both.  She does not whine or cry loudly or excessively (if she does so at all).  As a puppy, she should be supplied with toys/bones to keep her busy when she is alone, and to prevent unwanted chewing of furniture until she passes through that puppy stage. Sage has slept in a bed and in her kennel/ room all without issue, so she will be happy with any (indoor) sleeping arrangements.  Other things to know about Sage: Because Sage is quite young, strong and playful, she may not be the ideal dog for a home with infants/toddlers/small children as she is still working on her doggy manners. She would benefit from someone that will continue her training with positive behavior training! She is fully house trained. She is fully vaccinated and spayed. She is available for adoption in the Houston area.

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