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Hi, my name is Bunny!

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Date of Birth 2017-02-01
Gender Female
Breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Weight 54#
Heartworm Positive
Adoption Fee $200

Bunny was found on a freezing January 2019 day, emaciated and missing a large portion of her face. Her skull and teeth were exposed, her injury was so severe we expected she would need to be euthanized. Her wounds were typical of those sustained in a dog fight, and we feared she’d been used as a bait dog. The vet had not seen anything quite like it and estimated she’d been in this condition for 3-4 days. She was truly a survivor! Eventually her body was strong enough that we could begin the different surgeries she’d need to heal her face and ear canal, as well has her broken hip. Her severed ear canal was removed and sealed off, and while she cannot hear out of that side anymore, she still has that cute floppy ear! As for her broken hip, which caused her to limp and hop around, earning her the name “Bunny”🐰, was corrected with a procedure called an FHO. We chose to go this route because it’s a faster healing process, and gives her back almost full range of motion. She’s also heart worm positive, so she’ll begin treatment for that soon. Now that Bunny is feeling better and healed, she zooms around the house at full speed! She loves to steal shoes and take them to her bed. Thankfully she just collects them and doesn’t chew on them! She loves to run around the back yard, bark at the sky and lay in the shade under a tree. We don’t recommend a house with cats (to be on the safe side) because she has a pretty good prey drive. She literally ran headfirst into a fence chasing a lizard. LOL! The one time we know of where she had a cat encounter, she chased the cat but didn’t know what to do once she cornered it. The cat hissed at her and she ran away. Given her rough life, it’s shocking how sweet she is with people. She loves to give kisses! 💋And she’ll occasionally try to climb up into your lap! We’re currently working on her manners, teaching her not jump or climb on people. Having been malnourished for so long, she’s very food-motivated, so she’ll do anything for a treat! We also believe that for now, Bunny should be in a single dog home, allowing her time to continue to heal. Using clues about Bunny’s age, temperament and injuries, we have a pretty good idea of her history. Because she’s so loving and good with people, she was probably somebody’s beloved family pet. Then she was either lost or stolen and her new owners overbred her. During this time, she outlived her usefulness and was likely sacrificed as a bait dog. After she sustained her horrific injuries, she was cast out in the streets to die. Amazingly, Bunny’s will to live persevered and she was able to hang on long enough for us to find her and nurse her back to health. Her sacrifice did not go in vain and now she has a fabulous life and all that unpleasantness is behind her. Bunny is looking for her forever home where people can play with her, take her running and treat her like the princess she is! 💓