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Hi, my name is Sky!

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Date of Birth 2019-02-01
Gender Female
Breed American Staffordshire Terrier
Weight 26 pounds
Heartworm Negative
Adoption Fee $250

Meet Sky … She is such a special little girl, so we’re looking for a very special adopter. One who is going to love her for who she is, ALL of who she is… not just that she’s cute or that she’s a Blue Nose Staffie. And if the adopter is willing to create an Instagram page for her, that’s just bonus! (LOL, kidding...kind of!) She will certainly provide tons of input, that we promise! She needs someone who will be able to handle her when full grown, as she will be a strong, solid 40# pup. As well as continue her socialization and doggie manners training - whether that’s independently done or with a trainer. And most importantly, someone who is prepared to love her and care for her if her orthopedic issues don’t fully correct, or if there are issues later in life (see below). Sky was pulled from the shelter by AJL because she had front leg deformities, one worse than the other. Through the course of 2 months, she was put on supplements and a high nutrient puppy food to see if the deformity would correct itself. The orthopedist couldn’t say whether she was born this way or if it was from poor nutrition and care as a puppy, so we pumped her full of good stuff and waited. Today, you can barely tell anything was wrong, she runs and plays like a normal pup yet she will likely need another consult with an orthopedist at around a year old to be sure all is still progressing. Sky is so special and has so many amazing qualities about her. She is such a sweet little girl, and has more personality and character than most you will meet. Everywhere she goes, people fall immediately in love with her. Once you meet her, you’ll know why. She absolutely loves to play and be outside, so having another playmate who can go-go-go with her will be important. Many times she can be found in the yard playing by herself, or just enjoying being outside. She absolutely loves being outdoors, and has learned to go outside to potty using a dog door. Having a dog door or installing one is something an adopter should highly consider, because it will make her such a happier girl (and you too!). She’s never met another dog she doesn’t like, is great with kids of all ages, but has not had the opportunity to meet a cat. She is excellent in her crate, and doesn’t mind it at all – she will sometimes put herself to bed at night, or just go lay in there to nap. Sky is working on what’s appropriate like what things she’s allowed to chew on, not jumping on you for attention, etc. In addition, she is working on walking on a leash and commands like “sit”. She can be equally super playful puppy and also very chill and snuggly. We can’t say enough about her, she really is a super special girl, so when we see the right app come in, we will know it!