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Hi, my name is Attie!

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Date of Birth 2014-06-30
Gender Female
Breed American Pit Bull Terrier Chinese Shar-Pei Mix
Weight 56 lbs
Heartworm Positive
Adoption Fee $205+tax

Top Ten Reasons to adopt sweet Attie.. 1. Those eyes! Attie's eyes are the windows to her soul, and she looks deeply into yours in return 2. She loves love! Attie is just grateful to be with people and a pack who loves her and she shares oodles of love in return; My daughter is heartbroken she can't stay with us 3. Tolerance! Attie excels in the tolerance game; My young pupper uses her as a pillow and jungle gym and Attie is happy to oblige 4. Playful and fun! Attie mirrors the play style of both of my dogs and they welcomed her into the pack almost instantly; She really exudes joy and loves to play 5. Pro snuggler! Attie is a great sleepytime cuddle buddy and is both a stellar BIG SPOON and little spoon 6. Gentle! Attie is so sweet and gentle; Even though she was denied food she takes treats from your hand like a dainty princess 7. Hilarious noises! Attie hardly barks, but she makes hilarious woos and dinosaur noises and snorts that give me the giggles 8. Survivor! Attie survived terrible abuse and was forced to breed repeatedly and it shows on her soft marshmallowy body, but you would never know it based on the way she embraces love and the world; It is an honor to see the positive side of the world through her eyes, and to have an opportunity to share love and safety with her 9. Quick learner! Attie is picking up tricks and commands quickly 10. That tail though! Attie wags her tail constantly, anytime I touch and look at her; Imagine being so starved for love and affection that one loving glance makes your whole body shake; Imagine still trusting and loving after being treated like crap your whole life up to being rescued Y'all this girl deserves a loving home! There is a family out there for Attie that is going to be so damn lucky she's in their life. Is that you? * no kitties