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Hi, my name is Shelby!

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Date of Birth 2018-10-28
Gender Female
Breed Labrador Retriever Mix
Weight 40 pounds
Heartworm Negative
Adoption Fee $250

My name is Shelby! My foster mom calls me Goofy because I make her laugh when I move too fast without looking forward and run into things, or when I fall off my bed while I'm snoring like a lumberjack and wake myself up, or when I annoy my bigger siblings by making these squeaky squirrel noises until they paw me in the face. Yet no matter what a silly girl I am, I’ve been told I have great manners. I love playing with my doggie foster siblings, running and wrestling in the yard. I live with 2 cats as well, but they don't play with me much even though I've never chased or chewed on them. I’m also good with kids, they’re fun and seem to have my same energy. I'm completely potty trained and I like my crate, especially when I'm scared of something. I LOVE cuddling on my foster mom's lap, and like to sleep next to her bed at night after about 15 minutes of "getting settled." I really love to chew and mom gave me bully treats and squeaky toys, which are the most wonderful things EVARRR! I’m learning lots about the big world out there and even though some things may scare me at first, I overcome them very quickly! I just need want someone. To live me! I used to be scared of going up stairs, but after 2 days I was running up & taking them two at a time! I hope to be joining your home very soon!