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Hi, my name is Raven !

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Date of Birth 2018-07-11
Gender Female
Breed Bull Terrier Basenji Mix
Weight 30 lbs
Heartworm Negative
Adoption Fee $205+tax

Isn’t she gorgeous?! Raven was on the euthanasia list at a shelter because of no interest and her building anxiety by being in that environment. Within 30 sec of being out of there, she became a different dog... and who could blame her! She has thrived since leaving and shows us every day what an amazing dog she is. We are so happy she’s still here with us. 😊 Raven is around 35 lbs, and would do great in a home as the only dog, or with other dogs. When she’s the only dog around, she loves the 1:1 attention with humans. But she can hold her own and play well with other dogs too. She can be higher energy, so a younger, active dog would be best for her. Unlike typical bull terriers, Raven does not show the stubborn personality trait of the breed. She is very smart, very responsive to training, eager to please, house & crate trained, and does best when there is structure and consistency. While her interaction with kids has been few, we do recommend she be around kids who understand what appropriate dog interaction is. Not because she is bad around kids, but because of her energy level. Raven deserves this second chance at life, and we know she will find that perfect someone who will see what we did!